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winsedswiss designs and delivers

high-quality lifelong education

from kindergarten to university and beyond!

winsedswiss educational group

Winsedswiss Education Group

With subsidiaries in Romania, Switzerland, and Serbia, has as its main objective to offer lifelong learning programmes from kindergarten to university and beyond, all the way into retirement. 

WEG is an integrated group of educational institutions comprising of professional and vocational programs, soon universities, and post-secondary education schools in the service industry, such as hospitality, retail, healthcare, entertainment, arts, sports management, and others.  For this reason, winsedswiss forges partnerships with the most renowned institutions in their fields.

winsedswiss educational group
winsedswiss educational group

Our group provides a solid bridge between the market’s professional needs and its demands for qualified personnel, between the future desire of employees and those of employers to attain excellence in service. We offer our students answers and solutions so they can reach their highest professional goals and create new possibilities.

The company is a house of learning that builds the creative professionals of the future, modeling their talent from kindergarten to university and throughout their lives, by discovering, assessing, developing, and supporting everyone’s unique potential. 

If our learners want to learn more, to develop more, they will have priority in accessing further education. 

winsedswiss educational group

At the same time, winsedswiss connects top academic and business professionals, both nationally and internationally, around the same common creed: the customer lies at the center of all economic sectors.

Our mission is to build and identify, together with our partners and customers, learning opportunities at high-quality standards for every stage of life.

The company’s vision is consolidated by its values: trust, creativity, respect, integrity, and responsibility, which in turn are always under the sign of professionalism and elegance, suggesting the attitude and the excellence of services that winsedswiss offers to its partners.

We link people, connect needs, and match highly-customized expectations.

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