winsedswiss Adria

Built on the philosophy of Swiss quality, winsedswiss is an innovative private education group that will bring positive changes both to your life and to other people’s lives. Our educational institutions will grow to include kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, vocational and trade programmes and university and post-graduate levels. As our learner, you will find your path, reach your top potential professionally, and take off to create new ventures. As our partner company, you will have continuous access to a pool of highly qualified service professionals trained under the auspices of the best hospitality institutions in the world.


Our company values



You are our customer and our partner: we trust you, we gain your trust, and we become your first choice for quality education and learning.


Together we will engage with curiosity and originality. Knowledge, know-how and an entrepreneurial spirit will be the drivers for your success; and ours.


Whoever you are, you are welcome in our house of learning. Diversity and a collaborative approach are a natural part of our community, and respect for learning, for every human being and for every profession will be our common heritage.


You can expect transparency in everything we do and full engagement in supporting your dream, your potential, your talent.


You will be part of a community that truly contributes to social progress, cultural development, and economic growth for your benefit and for the benefit of all.