Remote work - how to maintain productivity and motivation

Remote work - how to maintain productivity and motivation

The year 2020 have been full of surprises for all of us and brought many changes not only in the way we think, behave but also in the way we work. Until recently, remote work for many companies was an option that was not given much thought and was not very common in practice. However, recently, due to the covid-19 pandemic, most employers had to accept and apply this working model, which was, at the end of the day, proven to be equally effective. As companies needed some time to adjust to the new situation and changes with the onset of lockdowns, employees seem to have adapted quickly to remote work. However, the situation has turned around over time…  


Today, after many months of working from home, employees want to return to the offices since they find it increasingly difficult to cope with a sense of closedness, loneliness, and demotivation. If you also feel that way lately, and it seems that you cannot organize and stay focused on work, here are some useful tips on how to maintain productivity and motivation. 


Make a daily list of priorities! 

Before the beginning of each working day, write down in the notebook or on a piece of paper which tasks you must accomplish for that day, and arrange them according to priority, starting from the highest to the lowest. After completing each of the listed tasks, cross them off the list, take a short break, and move on to the next one. At the end of the working day, when all the tasks are done and crossed out from the list, you will feel relieved, satisfied, but also motivated to continue with good work. 


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Create a working routine 

As tempting as it is to read emails while you are still in bed, to watch one YouTube video, or to look at your favourite TV show, you need to snap out of it and get up. These kinds of distractions will only drag you to the unproductivity. Therefore, it is important to create your routine for remote work and stick to it. Think back to how your regular working day in the office looked like and try to make a replica. Schedule breaks and meals in advance, turn off any devices that may steal your attention, and get to work. 


Get ready for work 

Your focus and motivation will be much higher if you replace your pyjamas or tracksuit with clothes for work. Wearing clothes suitable for work will affect your self-confidence and will make you feel more powerful, which will have a positive effect on your productivity as well. 


Working productivity does not have to be neglected if you learn how to stay on the right track. If you follow these remote work tips, you will be able to create a successful home office, boost productivity, and be motivated to create great achievements. 


Jelena Kovacevic 

Senior Career & Internship HR Recruiter