Linkedin profile and 5 most common mistakes that you can make

Linkedin profile and 5 most common mistakes that you can make

Did you know that over 90% of HR professionals responsible for the employment use the Linkedin network to research potential candidates, but also to find new employees, freelancers and similar. This is a professional social network used to present yourself to employers and business partners through career detailsLinkedin profile is a free and great tool to effectively develop your professional brand online, find business opportunities, as well as maintain and develop business contacts. However, many people in the business world neglect this platform and make mistakes. Below we will point out some of the most common mistakes that can jeopardize the potential that this network provides. 


1.Linkedin profile is used in the same way as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter  


Since this platform is used to search for business opportunities online, you need to be careful which content you post on it and who reads what you post. Do not upload everyday content that you come across on the Internet, because otherwise your page will look unprofessional, and you will not leave the impression that you are a serious potential candidate. Also, the purpose is not to send connection requests to everyone, as with other social networks, but to professionally network with people from a certain area of business and industry. 


For more information about which content is appropriate for different social media platforms click here! 


2.Missing a profile picture or posting a bad picture  


Linkedin profile is a kind of online CV and you must have a good professional picture on your account. This increases the chance of your profile being opened by recruiter or employer. The picture should be with a solid background, where the face is visible. An inappropriate picture or the absence of a picture can affect the omission of various business opportunities. 


3.The headline is not appropriate/not matched 


The headline is what we notice first. One of the most common mistakes that users make is not to insert keywords and information in the title, which will emphasize their uniqueness, as well as the qualities and qualifications in which they are the best. If you omit this the account cannot be optimized and employers in your area of ​​interest will not be able to easily find you. 


 4.Do not update and complete the account  


Linkedin's profile, unlike other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook is not designed to be constantly updated. However, not updating for months, years can create a bad impression on employers. A new job, responsibilities, location, advancement, and goals change over time and affect your professional brand.  

Many users within the working experience section do not write what exactly they did and what results they achieved. They either leave blank or write huge text and irrelevant details. 


5.Passive user  


Most people use this network only when they are looking for a job, which is wrong. It is very important that you are active and that you are in connection with people because that opens additional business opportunities for you, which you may not have even thought about. You can achieve active interaction with tempting, relevant content and asking questions, based on which you can get different opinions and provoke further discussion. 


To conclude, the Linkedin network is on a growth trend and is essential for professional career management. It offers great opportunities to look for jobs, promote yourself and connect with people from the industry in which you work and/or want to develop and learn. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention when creating your account, because mistakes made can affect your career path. 



Nina Trajković 

Regional Manager for Business Process Development