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winsedswiss talent


begins with you. Who are you? The driven graduate who has just taken the first steps into a bustling and challenging job market. The professional who has shaped his or her set of special skills and wants to match that extensive know-how with industry-leading companies.

If you are a company in need of high-end customer service, we recognise and meet that need with the kind of local talent that boasts “hospitality in their DNA.”

winsedswiss talent
winsedswiss talent

Who are we?

We are your partner. Trusted advisors offering support both to professionals who are seeking work and companies recruiting.

The ones who know how to fill existing gaps, as we link people, connect needs, and match highly customized expectations.

Using our core values of Swiss first-class hospitality, tradition, innovation, and service as a foundation for our recruiting business, we easily navigate through customer-contact industries, from hospitality to retail, medical, and education.

winsedswiss talent

We represent candidates which are trained at the highest quality standards of customer service and professional technique like the Vocational Education and Training by École hôtelière de Lausanne (VET by EHL) licensed programmes offered in our ohma by winsedswiss hospitality academies.

Hiring is not a mere transaction anymore. It’s building relationships into the little space between vocation and proposition, between the real and the unfulfilled search.

winsedswiss talent

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